Taiwan 2006

Dedicated to my Cintah

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Driving back to Aachen

Ater arriving in Hannover, I had to take my motorbike back to Aachen. The trip was really nice and I enjoyed it a lot. The best thing is I got my motorbike now here, so I can drive arround and explore the areas.


Finally I took the plane.

Totus Tuus, Cintah

Yeah, thats my Cintah. We both know each other already for a long time. And yeah we both are dating. So dont ask me how, just happend.

No need to tell you guys more just for her I have to say something more here

....... "Aku cinta Cintah"

Bye Bye at 45

The last day I was staying in Taipei. But as u read before some mistakes happen so it wasnt my Bye Bye yet.

Most of my friends here are people I knew from ShiDa when I learned Chinese. And by the way it was the pub I met first time my Cintah, 2 years ago.

Sorry for you friends I couldnt put, my camera run out o battery so in memories of all you ... Hope to see you soon again.




Restaurant's are a lot in Taipei but only a few are worth going it without getting poor after been there. My favourite one is near Chiang Kai Shek Memorial. Its called "Fool's Noodles" because if u are too dumb to know how to eat them they dont taste good.

How could something simple taste so ama(th)ing. To bad they dont sell their sauce I would have loved to take one back to Germany.

Chiang Kai Shek

Elin's Teashop

Elin's teashop, a place I love to go. Maybe you wont believe me but she still remembered me even so I wasnt in Taiwan for almost 2 years. My mom loves her Jasmin-Green-Tea. If anyone of you would like to go there just leave "Taipower Building Stadtion Exit 3" and go on Roosvelt Road on the right side to "Guting Stadion" there you will see. By the way the teached me all I know today about tea... Thanks Elin


Walking near Shilin at night at the river with a friend of mine. My friend didnt wanna take a photo. But anyway. Was nice hope next time I go with you ... Cintah

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Yuki and Beko

Yuki and Beko are also two of my long time friends in Taiwan. We just went out drink some coffee and ate some dinner together. Was cool to see you both again.

They both studied industrial design. Yuki is working now for Sony Taiwan and Beko is interior design for kitchens. So when one of you see something maybe they did .. kekeke

Take care you both ...


Kenting ... a small city in the south of Taiwan. Just spent there my time for 3 days. Was relaxed and quiet. Sometimes its good to stay your birthday alone instead of getting bothered from too many people, I am not so into birthdays, I would have prevered to spent that time alone with my cintah but I didnt.

Anyway the most funny thing was, that instead of lying on the beach in the sun, I was driving scooter whole day and looked arround.

Club Wax

This was the first big party we had in Taiwan. Rayfu was my roommate for about 8 month and Anita is one of my really good friends in Taiwan. Was so nice to see them both again. The other two are friends from Rayfu he met in Keelung.

If I am honest I have no idea anymore what was going on that evening. I even forgot that someone took that pictures. My mobil phone I also forgot that evening. Anita said it could be stolen. Maybe she is right maybe not... no idea. Who cares gone is gone and if you make a party All-You-Can-Drink for 2.50 Euro what do you expect if you drink too much. I wake up in the morning at Rayfu's place. At least I had no really big hangover but it was the last time I got too drunken in Taiwan.